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At Promozie we don’t just code a project, we rather believe in creating a digital experience.
We provide you with the services and solutions to let you build a robust IT system architecture and to optimize your business processes for enhanced productivity.


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Earth Measured

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A Social Media Marketing is a direct marketing channel for a business. A well designed Mobile application contributes greatly to the brand building and recognition. We excel in custom and native iOS, android and windows apps. Backend developer, platform apt, audience targeted.

Adwords is Googles version of the pay-per-click advertising model. It allows you to display ads which link directly to your website when searches are done for your chosen keywords or key phrases. These ads are located to the right of the results which Google gives you for a search and they are also displayed on Googles many partner sites which include AOL, Earthlink, HowStuffWorks and blogger. Recently with the launch of Googles Adsense program your ads could also be displayed on websites related to your keywords.

We provide automated marketing solutions to make frequent updates to all the channels of customer/audience engagement. A website that is search optimised, active presence on social media and incorporation of e-mails into marketing strategy…

As more and more people are getting connected to internet the scope of Internet marketing is also expanding. It is not only limited to business, but is widely used in other sectors such as politics, education, non profit organisations, and many more.
Even for business that do not sell online an online presence is needed as in today’s world of multitudes of options people turn to internet for every need. Hence, internet marketing becomes almost mandatory for any initiative that requires